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Right To Be
Generative Conflict at Work
Date: August 7, 2023
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST
Training Information
What will you learn?

Most individuals experience conflict at work, but is conflict inherently bad or a waste of time? With recent studies confirming that workplace conflict is not always managed well and comes with great cost to employers and employees alike, we believe there’s an opportunity to learn and do better.

How and why does conflict show up at work? What is the impact to individuals, teams, and organizations if conflict is managed poorly? Does the context of the conflict matter? How can we show up better into conflict and invite more generative outcomes as a result?

Conflict isn’t just about how you show up into it — but that is the only thing you can ultimately control. In this training, you will learn tangible skills to help create something valuable from disagreement, differences, or arguments which naturally occur at work, using Right To Be’s generative conflict methodology–COLLAB:

C – Curiosity: Show up into conflict with curiosity and discover what the person and situation may have to offer.

O – Ownership: Discern what is (and is not) yours to hold, and how to take ownership of that.

L – Listen: Engage active listening techniques to deepen understanding.

L – Lead with facts: Ground your approach in objective information

A – Adjust: Be open to alternative perspectives and solutions which may emerge during the process.

B – Boundary setting: Know and communicate what is and is not okay so you can show up as your most authentic, centered self.

You can’t force conflict to be generative, but there are actions you can take to move toward it. Join us for this free, 60-minute training and learn how to put COLLAB to use and leverage conflict to build trust and generate better solutions at work.


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