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How to lead discussions
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At Right To Be we believe one of the most effective tools we have at our disposal to combat hate and harassment has to do with what psychologists call, “common humanity.”  Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal cites the following two steps as key to unlocking our ability to see humanity in others, “The first is to increase your awareness of other people’s suffering. The second is to be more open about yours.”

Recognizing the hostility and division permeating our present social dynamic, in this training Right To Be provides facilitators with an adaptable framework, built off of social contact theory, to create a welcoming space for conversation across lines of difference.
The events of this pandemic, up to this current moment highlight a stark divide in our society and heightened individual trauma as it relates to race, and community division. People are losing faith in social discourse while also disengaging from civic literacy and discussion outside of ‘party lines’, often with violent results. Lacking relationships across lines of difference, we are led to believe our worst stereotypes.

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