Take Action Against Hate

Everyone has a right to be respected. Will you take action against hate? Right To Be has joined forces with MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount to highlight the importance of bystander intervention and the use of powerful tools to combat hate and harassment.

Share Your Story

Sharing your story can help reduce the trauma of harassment. Right To Be’s Storytelling platform is a safe tool to share your story and receive support. Our community of vetted allies can send you messages of support or help you report and document harassment. You’ll also play a powerful role in reminding others they aren’t alone and have the right to be who they are.

Share your story

Get Trained

Take action and learn what to do in instances of harassment by taking one of our free bystander intervention trainings. We also provide other training experiences on over 25 topics to teach you how to respond to, prevent, and heal from harassment.

Get Trained

Learn how to intervene

Empower yourself and help us create safer community spaces by using our 5Ds of bystander intervention methodology: Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, Direct. These are effective methods to support someone who’s being harassed while ensuring your safety.

Read our 5Ds guide

Watch the commercials to learn how to stand up to hate


We need your support to continue to create resources to build a world free of harassment and filled with humanity where everyone has the right to be who they are. Your donation can also make a difference by helping us keep our trainings free. Donate today and join us in the movement to end harassment!