We believe it’s through small actions, happening everywhere, that culture can shift. Below we are offering three paths to take action right now.

Click any of the three options below to take action:

Feel support

Have you been harassed recently? Were you just harassed? We want you to know two things: First, you have a right to be who you are without being harassed for it; we’re sorry this happened. And second, telling your story has a scientifically proven ability to reduce the trauma that can come with harassment. You’ll also play a powerful role in reminding others they aren’t alone.

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show support

Take action to support anyone experiencing harassment by reading their story and letting them know you’ve got their back, intervening through our Storytelling Platform, or by learning bystander intervention through one of our free trainings.

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partner with us

Are you interested in taking action to educate your community or workplace in the issues of harassment? We are the experts you are looking for. We’ve partnered with nonprofits, government entities, Fortune 500s, and others championing safer spaces. We look forward to working with you too.

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Join us at a free public training

We believe everyone deserves the resources to respond to, prevent, and intervene in instances of harassment.

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Corporate Accomplices
Is your company ready to turn allyship into action?
As a corporate accomplice, you are committed to taking action against harassment. You believe everyone has a right to be who they are in your workplace, and you’re ready to take the next step, turning values into culture. There are five levels of membership:

Take part in our exclusive Insights and Implication Workshops, have licensing access to Right To Be’s Assets, and get the unique benefits of the other membership tiers. Learn more


Be invited to be a part of our Leadership Circle and have your organization acknowledged as a supporter of one of our public trainings. Experience two customized trainings for up to 1,000 employees. Learn more 



Experience one annual training for up to 1,000 employees which include up to six hours of customization to further resonate with your learners. Learn more



Access to a curated suite of social media assets for use to amplify your commitment and more. Learn more


Name recognition on the Right To Be’s website as a Corporate Accomplice. Learn more

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