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Bystander Intervention: How to Safely Intervene and Respond In The Face of Anti-Black-Police-Sponsored Violence

In response to the persistent police violence against Black communities, Right To Be (formerly Hollaback!), 1 Million Madly Motivated Moms (1M4) and ANJEL Tech have joined forces to offer the free training Bystander Intervention: How to Safely Intervene and Respond in the face of Anti-Black-Police-sponsored Violence.

Training Description
What will you learn?

The 90-minute, interactive training will train people on how to safely intervene and respond  in the face of anti-Black police-sponsored violence and interact with guest speakers who are impacting the fight against police brutality. The training will focus on three of the 5Ds of bystander intervention: delegate, document, and delay. We’ll begin by reflecting on what anti-Black police-sponsored violence looks like and why it repeatedly exists. We’ll talk about the types of violence and racism Black people are facing right now — from examples of microaggressions to murder. We’ll also talk about how anti-Black racism is so ingrained into the fabric of our society that we see it present in all forms, from everyday tasks or activities to larger societal institutions. Then, discuss the deep impact harassment, violence, and the constant threat of violence has on Black communities. 

You’ll learn what to look for and the positive impact that bystander intervention has on individuals and communities. The training will conclude with a practice and questions and answers section. 

Partners in the Movement
1 Million Madly Motivated Moms

1 Million Madly Motivated Moms empowers Black Moms to end police violence through legislative policy education, financial assistance to impacted families, and encouraging the next generation of Black youth to pursue roles in the justice system & politics with integrity.

This type of activism and organizing requires that Moms protect their greatest weapon in the fight… their mental health. 1M4 is here to give Moms a place to air their frustrations with recurring police violence, create solutions that have measurable impact, and prioritize their mental health to maintain peace of mind despite the chaos of inequality.

The African proverb holds true “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 1M4 is uniting Black Moms to do just that, go the distance in the protecting the future of Black History.

Please follow 1M4 on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at @weare1M4.

Partners in the Movement

ANJEL was created because too many African-American mothers (in particular) are losing their sons and daughters to senseless (and preventable) violence; because accountability for these incidents is historically low and often nonexistent; because most injury and loss of young Black Lives occurs close to home; because people want, need and deserve to know what is happening to their loved ones and where it’s happening (in real-time); because the technology exists to solve this problem, and where it doesn’t, we will create it; because we are a team of People of Color who live this experience every day and do not ourselves want to become another statistic; because we have mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothas, sistas, nieces, nephews, aunties, and uncles just like you; because you can’t have Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, if you do not have and/or cannot maintain your Life; because Black Lives Matter; and because we can.

So, we did! We created a Personal Security System, just for YOU. You can think of it as your own personal body camera. It’s secure. It’s mobile. It’s powerful. It’s designed and created for YOU.




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