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Bystander Intervention to Support Latiné Communities in Public Spaces

Harassment toward the Latiné community in recent years has only increased these past few years, and in response to this culture shift, we created a training to address the complicated issues the Latinx community faces.

Join us and start your journey to better support the Latiné community.

Training Description
What will you learn?

Right To Be is offering an interactive training to train people on how to safely intervene when they witness Latiné people experiencing harassment in public using the 5Ds of bystander intervention.

We’ll start by talking about the types of violence and harassment the Latinx community is experiencing right now from microaggressions to assault through exploring the Spectrum of Disrespect toward Latiné Communities. We will then discuss how the diversity of identities of Latinx people intersects with other marginalized identities to make the community vulnerable to experiencing multiple incidences of harassment at once. Anti-Latinx harassment and xenophobia are not a new phenomenon in our country, but in recent years with the rise in anti-immigrant, anti-Latiné, anti-LGBTQIA+, and anti-BIPOC policies and rhetoric, we have seen a rise in harassment, discrimination, and even violence toward this community.



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