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Resilience Training

Resilience Training

It’s safe to say we’re living in challenging times. To help you cope, we’ve developed training on building personal resilience.

Our resilience trainings are one-hour, experiential learning-based, and interactive. You’ll learn how to author your own resilience using Right To Be’s resilience methodology: sit with what is, create your story, and be in choice.

We’ll start by talking about what resilience really is, and how it’s different (and harder) than self-care. Using guided practices, we’ll learn how to hold our pain and still find joy. We’ll explore how we make sense of challenging moments, and how that shapes our experience of them. And we’ll learn practices to recover quickly when we’re knocked down by the world.


Resilience is especially important when working through crisis and trauma. When you join one of our resilience trainings, you’re making an active choice to pursue resilience and that’s a powerful first step.


We are excited to keep growing our catalog of resilience-related trainings and experiences.


Resilience: This Moment and Beyond

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