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Four Strategies to Mitigate Implicit Bias

Everyone holds implicit biases. 

That doesn’t make us “bad people”, it just means that we have work to do. 

This one-hour, interactive training will teach you how to understand and begin to mitigate your own implicit biases using four strategies.

Holly Wertman

I work as a problem-solving specialist at DWC and loved this training. Doing direct service/client-facing work has me constantly questioning my biases in order to provide the best care to all of my clients. This training gave me the language and tangible steps to be constantly working through these biases and always becoming a better service provider. My trainer, Channie, created a comfortable environment to learn and talk about our shortcomings and areas for improvement without passing judgment. It was a beautiful space where I was comfortable enough to learn more on this topic that is so necessary for my work!

Training Description
What will you learn?

Right To Be is offering this interactive training that will teach you how to understand and begin to undo your own implicit biases. 

We’ll start by learning the brain science behind implicit bias, and how the part of the brain that used to protect us now holds us back. Through polls, brief thought experiments, and journaling, we’ll reflect on how implicit bias can show up in our actions and the impacts those biases can have on ourselves and our teams.   

Then, we’ll roll our sleeves up and get to work, practicing four concrete strategies that you can begin to use to mitigate bias in your own life. You’ll leave more confident in your ability to see and mitigate bias.

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Informal meeting in modern open plan office

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Informal meeting in modern open plan office

Past training

Stand Up Canada

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